Typical construction projects run 80 percent over budget and 20 months behind schedule, costing construction companies and stakeholders millions of dollars.

Drones are revolutionizing the construction industry by saving time and money. Drones cover more area during inspections, collect and analyze real-time data and allow managers and stakeholders to access the data from anywhere in the world, increasing productivity and improving communication..

Construction Services


It is not always cost or time-effective to create a topographic map. A drone can collect data over a vast amount of land in just minutes to create a topographic map that can reveal information about the terrain to better plan construction.

For coastal restoration projects structured on the amount of material deposited, we can scan the area and convert the data into accurate topographic maps that calculate the volume of material deposited. This expedites the surveying process and minimizes time and cost.

3D Modeling

High-resolution aerial images can create 3D models to help the crew determine challenges and identify potential flaws in the design, preventing waste of resources. 3D models can also keep the team on track with the original design blueprint and show clients what the finished project will look like.

Project Monitoring

There is a lot of area to cover and many working parts on a construction site. Aerial footage from Sky Vantage can monitor progress, productivity and accountability. Here at Sky Vantage we allow project managers to visually see why something may not be working or taking too long and to address problems before costing money or losing valuable time. 

Thermal Inspections

Thermal drone inspections allow inspectors to collect visual data for aggregation and analysis. These types of visual inspections are vital to ensuring the proper maintenance of a company’s assets. By using a drone to collect thermal data, inspectors can avoid placing themselves in dangerous situations when gathering data for analysis. 

LiDAR Land Surveying

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is a remote sensing method used to detect objects in real space with a high level of precision and accuracy. In the UAV LiDAR process, a drone flies over a specified area sending out laser pulses onto a surface at a rate of 100k to 3 million pulses per second. Measuring terrain data to create a digital representation of the scanned area in a point file format used by professional surveyors to create a great number of deliverables for their clients

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