Advancing Wind Turbine Inspections and Lifecycle Management

From multi-modal data capture to fast and accurate analytics, Sky Vantage is a reliable partner for advanced inspections anywhere on the globe. Whether you need to monitor the performance of a wind installation, inspect a site for potential warranty claims, or want your investment to perform more efficiently, Sky. Vantage delivers a flexible, scalable solution to inspect and manage your wind assets.

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  • Operations & Maintenance

    • Drive O&M with confidence while creating transparency for field teams with visual communications.
    • Identify hazards, order materials, and plan truck rolls to ensure optimum ROI.
    • Maximize uptime with fast and reliable drone-based inspections, while reducing risk and exposure.
  • Safety

    Workers do not have to enter the confined space where the blades are housed or work at height for inspectors to collect the data they need.

  • Savings

    Wind turbine drone inspections are less expensive than crewed inspections. 

  • Efficiency

    Drones streamline the data collection and review process.

  • Better Data

    High-resolution images can identify defects the human eye can't detect and new drone sensors can expand inspection opportunities.  

  • Speed

    A drone can cut the time needed for a wind turbine inspection in half while covering more area than rope technicians.