Advanced Inspections for Roofing

Sky Vantage leverages high-resolution imagery and in-depth reports to improve rooftop inspections for contractors and manufacturers.

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  • Increased Safety

    No more climbing tall ladders and entering dangerous roofs. Drones safely capture every detail of your roof structure.

  • Accurate Reports

    Our roof inspection reports are easy to understand, with detailed information on commercial roof issues.

  • 3D Roof Model

    Get a 3D roof model with accurate roof measurements and a clear aerial view of the roof problem areas.

  • Faster Results

    Commercial property owners no longer have to wait weeks for a roof inspection. Drone inspections are quick and efficient, providing fast results.

  • Reduced Costs

    Drone inspections are more cost-effective than conventional methods, such as traditional ladders and scaffolding.

  • Customizable

    We can create custom flight paths, taking pictures exactly how you want and where you want.

Other Roof Services

Thermal Inspections

Thermal drone inspections allow inspectors to collect visual data for aggregation and analysis. These types of visual inspections are vital to ensuring the proper maintenance of a company’s assets. By using a drone to collect thermal data, inspectors can avoid placing themselves in dangerous situations when gathering data for analysis. 

Roof Installation Updates

Aerial footage from Sky Vantage can monitor progress, productivity and accountability. Here at Sky Vantage we allow project managers to visually see why something may not be working or taking too long and to address problems before costing money or losing valuable time. 

3D Roof Modeling

High-resolution aerial images can create 3D models to help the crew determine challenges and identify potential flaws in the design, preventing waste of resources. 3D models can also keep the team on track with the original design blueprint and show clients what the finished project will look like.

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