Advanced Inspection for the Telecom Industry

Telecom inspections improve operations by maximizing equipment installations, optimizing performance, and reducing risk and truck rolls. Sky Vantage offers flexible solutions to establish baselines, improve reporting and maximize revenue by validating installations and vacancies across entire portfolios. Our team of experts helps to accelerate the digital transformation and advance your inspections.

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  • Reduces Safety Risk

    Gone are the days when an inspector must climb the cell tower to collect data. Sky Vantage allows employees to stay safe on the ground preventing work-related injuries or dropping equipment or tools needed to complete the inspection.

  • Cost & Time Effective

    Drone cell tower inspections reduce the time it takes to inspect miles and multiple locations of cell towers from weeks to hours. Money is saved in labor costs and also earned in an increased number of inspections. Under the right circumstances, a drone pilot can inspect three cell towers daily.

  • Improves Inspection and Detection

    Inspectors can focus more on the quality of inspection safely from the ground. They can inspect other aspects of the cell tower that were once looked over, such as the generators, transformers and meters. Drones can identify loose bolts or rust that could be hazardous. They can see the ground site of the tower to determine if maintenance or cleanup is needed.

  • Increases Rate Of Repair

    Drone inspections can quickly identify the need for repairs, thus scheduling maintenance faster. The inspector can see the data in real-time, allowing him to decide actions to take before the inspection is even over.

  • Help Plan Better Infrastructure

    Analyzing the drone data can help plan for improved infrastructure as the cell tower industry grows.

  • Collects Date For Future Reference

    Drones collect and store data in real-time that can be referenced for future purposes rather than relying on the memory of an inspector.